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Husqvarna at Milford Mower


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Husqvarna Equipment

Husqvarna is the global leader in outdoor power equipment. Over 300 years of engineering prowess has earned them a reputation as the innovators of the Forrest and Garden industry.

Dependable. Rugged. Affordable. That's what makes a Husqvarna, a Husqvarna.




Husqvarna Handheld

Chainsaws, Leaf Blowers, Hedge Trimmers and much much more... Husqvarna is the world leader in dependable commercial and consumer handhelds.

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Husqvarna Snowblowers

Husqvarna is a Swedish company. It snows a lot in Sweden. What can we say? Husqvarna knows cold, harsh and snowy winters; so they designed their snowblowers with that in mind. Lights, Heated Handles and Overpowered Engines classify these superior snowblowers for what they are, superior.

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Husqvarna Automowers

Mowing the easy way. Robotic lawn mowers that are industry tested and approved. Making mowing the lawn as simple as picking up your smart phone.

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Husqvarna Tractors

As a global leader in consumer garden tractors, Husqvarna offers a wide variety of models geared towards durability, dependability, and affordability! 

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Commercial Zero Turns

Whether you are a proffesional landscaper or a landowner looking to shave hours off your lawn maintenance, Husqvarna has a zero turn mower for you. Commercial warranties up to 5 years and lifetime spindle, deck and frame. Husqvarna is the clear choice for any heavy duty need!

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Zero Turns

Husqvarna Zero Turns

Unlike what you find in big box, these zero turns are not made for the flat, under an acre lots you find in suburbia. Husqvarna's Semi-Pro / Landowner Zero Turns are made for hilly, large acre applications. Equipped with rugged decks and durable transmissions, Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers are made for Landowners who want their equipment to last but doesn't want a commercial price tag!